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Seqplexing presented its CDTI project at the Conference on Personalized Medicine: The evolution of healthcare to improve people's lives.


On October 5th we had the opportunity to present the CDTI project, in which we are participating, during the conference held at the Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

On October 3-6th the Conference on Personalized Medicine: The evolution of health care to improve people's lives was held at the Príncipe Felipe Research Center. These conferences were organized by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, with the aim of publicizing different projects carried out by both public and private entities in the field of personalized medicine.

Within this topic, Seqplexing is participating, together with the Instituto de Investigaciones Santarias de La Fe, in a project awarded under the Joint Initiative ISCIII-CDTI call (Health Mission Projects) for the development of a non-invasive diagnostic technique for cardiac transplant rejection. At present, invasive techniques are used for its detection, which pose a risk to the patient. With the project being developed, this diagnosis could be carried out using a non-invasive biomarker analysis technique.

Our CEO, Felipe Javier Chaves, was able to attend the conference, with the aim of presenting the research project and publicizing the advantages that this advance would bring to the lives of transplant patients. We are very grateful to have had a small space in such an important event.



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