Listado de servicios

Research and clinical support

Our company develops support services for research and for clinic. These include a wide field of work from the study of the exome or the transcriptome (complete, mRNA or sRNAs), genotyping one to thousands of SNPs, identification of germinal or somatic mutations from one sample to thousands and in the study of some few regions or thousands

  • NGS: MiSeq system load (Ver tabla)
  • Human Exome Sequencing
  • Transcriptome: prokaryotes, eukaryotes, paraffin, elimination of rRNAs, etc
  • Study of miRNAs and other sncRNAs
  • Metagenome:
    • Study of the presence of viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc
    • Ribosomal RNA
    • Genome or total transcriptome
  • Sequencing of Genomes in humans, animals, plants, bacteria, viruses, etc
  • Methylation and hydroxymethylation studies
  • Studies of germline (hereditary) and somatic (mainly tumor) variants
  • Studies of expression levels of mRNAs and miRNAs
  • Detection of CNVs, VNTRs, STRs and other polymorphisms
  • Design of panels for genetic diagnosis, tumor markers, studies of genetic variants (SNPs), etc

In these studies, we can perform the most appropriate analysis for the data obtained in each case and obtain the maximum possible information: comparative analysis, identification of point mutations, chimeric genes, etc

The following lists are informative, but they are not the only genetic studies we do. If you are interested in carrying out a specific genetic study, please contact us ( In all cases, we use the most appropriate technology applying our procedures, minimizing costs and time

  • Types of samples:
    • Blood
    • Plasma or serum
    • Saliva
    • Paraffin samples (FFPE)
    • Tissue, cell culture and single cell
    • Waters
    • Floors
  • Other support services
  • Extraction of DNA or RNA from blood, swabs, saliva, FTAs, paraffin, tears, etc
  • Complete genome amplification from single cell, samples with small amount, etc
  • RNA amplification
  • Q-PCR reactions (LightCycler, Roche)
  • MiSeq loads
  • Analysis of fragments (Qiaxcel System, Qiagen)


Seqplexing offers the possibility of analyzing genetic alterations through self-produced kits or by other protocols

Studies based on our kits
  • Detection of somatic mutations using OncoGenBasic kits
  • Genetic diagnosis studies of hereditary diseases: Studies of genes analyzed with OGB kits or other genes
  • Detection and quantification of chimeric genes through MyeloScreen kits (PML-RARA and BCR-ABL, detection of all isoforms described)
  • Detection of CNVs using available EOSAL-CNV kits. Design of new studies and their application
Other studies

Seqplexing can develop or participate in different phases of a specific project or experiment, from its design to the completion of the complete genetic study (sample processing from nucleic acid extraction, processing, obtaining results and data analysis)

Some examples of the works we can do:

  • Sequencing loads through the MiSeq system (Illumina), with standard or urgent deadlines
  • Design of specific NGS panels for the detection of mutations (somatic and germinal), genotyping, etc
  • Studies using NGS: Design of specific panels and their analysis in thousand of samples for the study of complete genes, genomic regions, polymorphisms, etc
  • Metagenome studies using ribosomal RNA (bacteria and fungi), genome or complete transcriptome
  • Studies of transcriptome, methylome, exome, metagenome, etc. including the realization of libraries from small quantities of starting material
  • Methylation and hydroxymethylation studies by different procedures, including the study of specific regions using amplicons and NGS
  • Design and conduct of studies using Q-PCR for the quantification of normal and chimeric genes

Studies according to technology

Main studies developed (services according to the technology to be used)

In Seqplexing, we carry out genetic studies of different kinds that may or may not be based on our products. In each case we evaluate the most convenient technique for obtaining optimal results with the lowest cost

  • NGS through the MiSeq system: our company offers a sequencing service using the MiSeq system (Illumina) (See table). This service includes the verification of the library or "pool" and its quantification by fluorescence / quantitative PCR. We can perform standard, special and urgent sequencer races with reduced delivery times (consult options and prices at
  • NGS: We carried out studies for exome, specific regions, miRNAs (small non-coding RNAs), amplicon analysis (mutation detection, genotyping, etc.), mRNA, metagenome, etc. Our company is specialized in amplicon sequencing, a type of test that has great utility in the analysis of specific regions or polymorphisms for the search for the identification of mutations and the genotyping of polymorphisms. We also carried out methylation studies by this technique for the analysis of specific genetic regions or methylation sites. See services and kits
  • Sanger sequencing: Our team has extensive experience in DNA analysis through Sanger sequencing, being able to perform different types of studies. Ask about these services
  • Fragment analysis: Detection of CNVs by EOSAL-CNV (see list of services and kits) and other types of genetic variants or polymorphisms (SNPs, STRs, etc.); as well as the study of haplotypes. We can prepare reagents in kit format to perform these analyzes. Consult options and prices at
  • Real-time quantitative PCR: : We develop DNA or RNA quantification studies (including miRNAs) by quantitative PCR with LightCycler 480 II (Roche). Specific designs for chimerical genes, bacteria, viruses, etc
  • Other: Detection of SNPs, polymorphisms of one or a few bases, detection of haplotypes and point mutations using EOSAL-SNP. We can include or adapt many other techniques for the development of specific genetic studies