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Seqplexing will be part of a strategic cooperative project for the monitoring of pollutants in the sewage network of Valencia.


The project, in which it will participate together with the Asociación de Investigación de Materiales Plásticos y Conexas (AIMPLAS), the Universidad of València (UV), the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia (UPV) and the company Intercontrol Levante S.A. (INTERCONTROL), was awarded last July with an economic endowment of 138,896 euros and has a planned duration of 3 years.

The Valencian Agency for Innovation (AVI), through the call for Strategic Projects Program in cooperation 2023, funded by the European Union, selected the project "Monitoring of emerging contaminants in the sewage network of the City of Valencia", in which our company participates with the aim of monitoring the presence of contaminants in water by studying antibiotic resistant genes, microplastics and additives and other emerging contaminants.

The results of this project will provide very valuable information for the competent authorities and the companies holding the concession of the wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) about the current situation in relation to the incidence and concentration of emerging contaminants present in the sewage network and the possible need to establish additional treatments to eliminate them. Thus avoid costs to other sectors that may be affected by the presence of emerging contaminants downstream of the wastewater treatment plants, as is the case of the food industry.

The analysis methodologies developed will allow the adequate control of the presence of these pollutants in different effluents, in anticipation of the restrictive measures that are expected to be applied in the near future. The results of the research carried out during the execution of this project will have a favorable impact in relation to the study of the presence of emerging pollutants in urban waters and their possible elimination through wastewater treatment plants, which is also related to the protection of biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems.



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