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Sequencing Multiplex, company of the Parc Científic, awarded in the grants


The Valencian company Sequencing Multiplex S.L. has been selected as beneficiary of the "SEED VLC Emprende" Grants in the 2014 edition, offered by the Innovation and Entrepreneur Projects Delegation, of the Valencia City Council. The purpose of these grants is to support the creation and development of innovative companies that contribute to generating innovative, qualified employment and, ultimately, to increasing the quality of life of citizens

Sequencing Multiplex S.L. is a biotechnology-based company, born on March 2013 as a spin-off of the Health Research Institute of the Clinical Hospital of Valencia and which is located in the facilities of the Science Park of the Universitat de València since May 2014. The company is oriented towards the creation of high quality solutions to carry out studies or genetic tests applicable in research and in the clinic

The proposal presented by Sequencing Multiplex S.L. consists of the development of new kits for the detection of somatic mutations of clinical and scientific interest, which allow an improvement of the genetic study of different tumors and establish the best available treatment for the patient. The proposed solutions have a high biotechnological component and a high added value, in order to reduce the time needed to obtain results, reduce costs to laboratories and rationalize health spending



Biotechnology Company focused on the development of genetic tests applicable in clinical and research. Sequencing Multiplex S.L. aims to simplify the methodology of genetic studies with products with a high biotechnological component and high added value. Our solutions simplify procedures by reducing the total time to obtain results, handwork and rationalizing spending