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Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico y la Innovación awards Seqplexing a project in collaboration with Hospital la Fe.


The project in which we are participating together with the Clinical and Translational Research Group in Cardiology of the Hospital Universitario y Politécnico la Fe, was awarded last December with an economic endowment of 292,459 euros and has a planned duration of two years.

The Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico y la Innovación (CDTI), through the Joint Initiative ISCIII-CDTI (Health Mission Projects), chose our company to participate in a project in collaboration with the Hospital la Fe, with the aim of developing a tool to facilitate the diagnosis of cardiac rejection.

Cardiac transplantation is the most effective and well-established treatment for patients with advanced heart failure. Despite this, cardiac rejection represents an important cause of death after transplantation, being, together with graft failure, the main cause of death during the first months after transplantation. Currently, invasive techniques are used to detect cardiac rejection, such as endomyocardial biopsy, which implies that patients have to be sedated and undergo surgery, which poses a risk to the patient.

The project we are developing aims to non-invasively identify biomarkers and validate them, in order to improve the diagnosis of cardiac rejection, as well as the post-transplant prognosis, all in a non-invasive, effective and fast way and at a lower economic cost than the current procedures to which patients are subjected.



Empresa biotecnológica. Desarrollo de test genéticos aplicables en clónica e investigación. Sequencing Multiplex S.L. pretende facilitar la realización de estudios genéticos con propuestas de un alto componente biotecnológico y un elevado valor añadido, de manera que se simplifiquen los procedimientos, permitan reducir los tiempos de obtención e interpretación de resultados con la máxima fiabilidad